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  • 20k employees
  • |
  • Department store chain

The time for quota calculations has been reduced from 12 to 2 hours with Software SICOSS.

The SICOSS Social Security system was used to optimize the calculation of their employer-employee quotas.

Using the IMSS tool, they lost countless hours capturing and recapturing the necessary information.

After switching to Software SICOSS their time for quota calculations was reduced by up to 10 hours...

They approached us when choosing to manage their payroll and social security internally, rather than with a third party.

TAfter a brief process of information consolidation, platform configuration, development of customized solutions and staff training, they took full control of managing their payroll, thereby avoiding discrepancies and penalties.

  • 3k employees
  • |
  • Refresquera Mexicana

Savings of up to 50% in time and payroll costs and social security management.

  • 5k employees
  • |
  • Pharmaceuticals

Integration with their own system and reduced quota calculation times.

This company looked into Software SICOSS to streamline its Payroll and Social Security processes. In addition to our tools, they specially requested that SICOSS be integrated their Enterprise Resource Planning System and that it would meet the required configuration.

In 2016, they used Software SICOSS to manage the payroll and social security processes of their clients' employees.

They used 2 platforms to carry out their processes, and with the integration of Software SICOSS, they were able to greatly reduce the time on managing and calculating employer-employee quotas. As a result, they were able to attract more customers.

  • +4k employees
  • |
  • Outsourcing

Up to 80% savings in management time and quota calculations.

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